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David Sirait – CEO & Founder of Sirait Tours and Travel. He moved to Spain to continue his study about culture, history and Spanish literature in 2012. After finishing school, David started his career and worked in a private company in the export and import sector until 2015. After that, David continued his career in Af steelcase furniture company as sales and interpreter with various companies in Southeast Asia and also as a promotion agent for the development of the Indonesian tourism industry in Spain, collaborating with the embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Spain. In 2017 David decided to open a local travel agency providing package tour destination, transportation, activities, sport, culture, accommodation for all the traveller who want to travel to Europe. 

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Marketing and Business Development. Malaysia and Indonesia Market

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M.I.C.E Europe Division

Sirait Tours and Travel is a Top Destination Management Company in Madrid Spain, providing all destination in Europe.  Starting from halal tour packages, family trips, private tours honeymoons, educational, conference, congress, and governance. Sirait Tours and Travel providing all facilities needs such as transportation, Indonesian or English speaking guides, certification, delegation visit invitation letters and interpreters. Our vision is always give the best service to each of our customers. Our mission is to provide an easy and sweet vacation to each of our customers. Our company was founded in 2017, we have collaborated with various types of travel agents in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. Our office address is on Calle Bahia de Malaga street no 18 Madrid, Spain Tel (+ 34)615 237 390, Business number Y1735097Z.

Do you have a plan traveling to Europe and don´t know where to go? Please contact us, we are ready to help you..

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