According to legend, the city of Seville was discovered by Hercules and was originally related to the Tartessian civilization. Sevilla is universally known as the “joyous town” and Sevillians are known for their wit and glitz. The best way to get around and enjoy the city is by foot. But there are also bike rental places, metro, taxi and hop on off buses.

Place to visit at Seville

Maria Luisa Park  is the largest park south of Seville city center, with hundreds of shady trees and fairytale buildings Plaza de Espana is the central point in this park.

Giralda Tower is an icon of the city of Seville and was the tallest building in Seville for more than 800 years? It was built in 1195 as a minaret for the Aljama Mosque, but is now a belltower cathedral and is included as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Cathedral of Seville Santa Maria de le Sede is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Construction of the Real Alcazar de Seville began in the 14th century. This palace has a typical Moroccan architectural style. Visitors can clearly see the blend of Islamic architecture with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. After the Arab Moors took control of Seville in 712, they built a palace resembling a fortress. The Moorish palace in Seville was named AlMuwarak, which means ‘blessed’. After being recaptured by the Christian Kingdom, King Pedro I ordered the construction of a new palace at the AlMuwarak site complex. Over the years the royal family continued to develop the Real Alcazar.

Metropol Parasol is a wooden structure located in La Encarnación square, in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. This building was designed by German architect Jürgen Mayer and completed in April 2011.

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