Toledo also experienced a change of “owner”. From Roman hands, Toledo fell into the hands of the Visigoths, then the Moors succeeded in capturing it and finally it was controlled by the Catholic kingdom. The historical charm of civilization in Toledo makes this city feel different from other cities. Modernization is fading away most of the historic areas in cities such as Barcelona, Seville, Granada, even Cordoba. On the other hand, Toledo, like an open history book, depicts an ancient city with its narrow, cobbled and winding streets like a maze that leads to who knows where. The narrow streets in Toledo are surrounded by ancient buildings with a mix of Muslim and Christian architecture.

Place to visit in Toledo


Toledo Cathedral

Mezquita de la luz

Toledo Museum

Toledo Bridge


Remnants of Roman ruins still exist outside the fortress that closed off the city. Behind the fort are three religious cultures. For centuries the three monotheistic religions, namely Islam, Judaism and Christianity, threw away weapons and lived side by side in peace. For this reason, Toledo is often compared to Jerusalem and is considered a holy city in Spain. Even though it is now dominated by churches and monasteries, Gothic and Arabic influences are still visible in the architecture, and Toledo still has two historic synagogues. In the center of the city stands the majestic large cathedral of Toledo called Catedral Primada Santa Maria de Toledo. This gothic-style cathedral was built right on the top of a hill and is decorated with gold bas-reliefs. Not far from the cathedral is the Alcazar, a fortress which is now a military school. There is also the Mezquita Cristo de la Luz, a small mosque converted into a church. This building combines Arabic and Christian architecture. Toledo also has a variety of museums and art galleries, the most popular of which is the El Greco museum. The museum houses paintings by the Greek artist El Greco. Apart from historical buildings, this ancient city is famous as a city of sword makers and ceramic crafts.

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