Halal Tourism

If you want to do Muslim halal tour in Europe there are certain place vey rich with history for example Spain. In the second half of the 7th century CE (1st century AH), Byzantine strongholds in North Africa gave way before the Arab advance. Carthage fell in 698. In 705 al-Walīd I, the sixth caliph of the Umayyad dynasty, the first great Muslim dynasty centred in Damascus, appointed Mūsā ibn Nuṣayr governor in the west; Mūsā annexed all of North Africa as far as Tangier (Ṭanjah) and made progress in the difficult task of propagating Islam among the Imazighen. The Christian ruler of Ceuta (Sabtah), Count Julian (variously identified by the Arab chroniclers as a Byzantine, a native Amazigh, or a Visigoth), eventually reached an agreement with Mūsā to launch a joint invasion of the Iberian Peninsula (see also North AfricaIslamic world).

In Spain, certain products and services with Halal Certification awarded by the Halal Institute, which guarantees that the requirements demanded under Islamic law. 

Menú Halal

In Spain there are many types of food that for Muslim halal tour can enjoy, such as;  Spanish Omlet which is made from fried potatoes, Paella is a type of traditional food from Spain, rice mixed with seafood or chicken, Gazpacho Andalus is a type of soup made from tomatoes and eggs. And there are many halal restaurants such as Moroccan, Bangladeshi, Senegalese, Jordanian, Lebanese or Iranian you can choose according to your taste…


Sirait Tours and Travel provides various types of hotels/resorts/for Muslim tourists who want to do Muslim halal tour in Europe, such as; Halal menu, no alcohol in the room etc.

Religious events and celebrations

During the month of Ramadan, muslim society in Spain organize various activities such as Ramadan Night festivals,  exhibitions or dramas about Islamic stories, workshops or children’s concerts, etc.

Prayer room

.While you traveling in Europe we will visit Islamic cultural center and mosque.

Restaurant Halal

Sabor Nusantra




Al Yamal


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